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Information on our expertise


  • Calderone Production is an agency of event management the objective of which is to create and to organize quality events to operate a performance showcasing your brand image. From the conference to the Gala dinner organization, we work together with your company to produce the event, which looks like you.

  • Calderone Production puts in the honor your marque, your name and your products. Our experience and our concepts built the reputation of our agency in France and abroad. For several years, we knew how to surround ourselves with artists recognized in the world of the entertainment and experts of the broadcasting.

  • Julien Perez is the founder of the agency Calderone Production. International DJ for more than 10 years and former pastry cook in renowned French houses, he immerses since his youngest age in the artistic atmosphere. Creation and originality are keywords of our know-how. That’s why we have the latest high-performance sounds and lights technologies.